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Bansko Property Bulgaria

‘Eagle Rock, Ski Resort’, Bansko

Eagle Rock is a ski resort located in the Bansko region of Bulgaria. This Bansko property contains a total of 243 apartments for sale. There are studio, 1 & 2 bedroom apartment options in these Bulgarian properties.


243 apartments for sale on nearly 10,000 square meters.

Eagle Rock - Bulgaria is planned to satisfy two basic objectives:

Total comfort and independence of access

Eagle Rock is a ski resort located in the Bansko region of Bulgaria. This Bansko property contains a total of 243 apartments for sale. There are studio, 1 & 2 bedroom apartment options in these Bulgarian properties.

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Eagle Rock consists of six independent - connected - buildings. All properties are independent as each of them has a separate entrance and a designated parking zone in order to provide easy access for the tourists.

In addition, the limited number of apartments in every building ensures quietness and comfort for the guests at this Bansko property. Furthermore, the covered connection makes access to every part of the complex easy and fun.

The allocation of the reception area

This is one of the most interesting parts of the project, because it is independent from the other buildings, ensuring that tourists will be disengaged from the hassle of the accommodation and departure processes. It is, however, linked with the other properties through the covered connection. All properties for sale will have 2 elevators and facilities for people with disabilities.

The Apartments

Eagle Rock is the only Bansko property development which offers investors such a wide variety of apartments for sale: 2 types of studios and 6 kinds of apartments. The advanced architectural approach and the efficient use of the common areas made this possible.

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Imperial Golf ClubImperial Golf Club

Studios vary from 36 to 41 sq. metres

every type has its unique features created in order to satisfy specific requirements. The larger studios have a breathtaking view from the large glass beak – it is an architectural form which originates from the combination of two glass walls.

Imperial Golf ClubImperial Golf Club

The allocation of the studio parts makes it possible for the owner to enjoy a fireplace too. The smaller studios, on the other hand, have another advantage – a terrace. Every ski fan has experienced the pleasure of relaxing under the warm sun enjoying the view of the snowy peaks around. The studios are very cosy but very practical too. Every inch of them is efficiently used either for the convenient bathroom, the charming living room or the kitchen corner.

Eagle Rock offers for sale 52 one-bedroom and 21 two-bedroom apartment options from which you can choose the one that suits you best.

The apartments are the more spacious dwellings, with their main benefit being that they offer much more privacy for the guests/owners and can accommodate larger families or parties. Here, Eagle Rock provides an even wider choice – among six different types.

No matter what you prefer the kitchen (kitchen corner for the studios) has a modern design with organic materials that make this space an essential part of the apartment. The floors are covered with terracotta and the furniture is made from light-brown oak (optional) – everything in an aesthetic Bulgarian style. Functionality is the key feature of this facility. But even if you use the full kitchen appliances just for preparing a cup of coffee you will feel the comfort of being "home".

There are two options for the bathroom – a combination with a toilet and the variant with a bath tub. They both offer the same luxury design and functionality. Hydro isolation materials and ventilation are applied. The floor and the walls are covered with terracotta and tiles. The sink, toilet and bath are made of fine Italian faience.

The bedroom area is simple but elegant in its design

this room (or space for the studio) offers the quiet and luxurious comfort that a place for relaxation requires. The walls are sound and thermo isolated and the floor is covered with laminated parquet.

The furniture is again made of light-brown oak and preserves the whole design line of the apartments. Equipped with a double bed, wardrobe and night tables it also offers an adjustable lighting system (optional).

Each living room (the TV corner in the studio) has an authentic stone fireplace (where possible) and a large TV space combining maximum comfort with entertainment. The floor is again covered with laminated parquet, and the walls are impregnated with isolation materials creating a cosy atmosphere unaffected by the meteorological conditions. In addition you have a splendid view over the Bulgarian Pirin and Rila mountains.


Eagle Rock will be one of the architectural landmarks of Bansko not only because of its attractive outlook but also because of its efficient usage of the natural environment. The Eagle Rock complex is a vital part of the unique Pirin land shaft. In addition this Bansko property is an example of the latest trends in the efficient use of the living and common areas. Furthermore, the covered connection and the underground allocation of leisure and recreational areas are some of the most effective contemporary trends in architecture.

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The buildings, facilities, food and beverage areas, and the service facilities and areas have been planned in accordance with the requirements of the State Agency of Tourism in Bulgaria.

Complying with these regulations is crucial for the future of Eagle Rock as a full value hotel facility.

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Construction materials

The buildings and the service areas are developed according to the best architectural practices of Western European mountain resorts: southern disposition of apartments; materials durable to extreme temperatures; highest quality of insulation materials and energy saving systems. The energy collectors, positioned on the roof, will significantly reduce the maintenance costs.


Why choose St. John Hill?

  • Most competitive infrastructure in the region – close to the Sofia – Bansko highway; on two main streets in Bansko; overlooking the town of Bansko; no buildings blocking the view
  • Geographic positioning – St. John is overlooking the town of Bansko, i.e it offers a fantastic view over the town but not to the block next to you
  • Tourist potential - St. John is the home of some of the most attractive high end Bansko property projects – Fair Play and Balkanstroy. It is close to the Gondolla but away from the bustle in the central part of the complex.
  • Golf courses and mineral springs
  • Local events in Bulgaria – jazz festivals, sports events

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You know that Bansko is:

  • one of the best ski resorts in Europe
  • a ski resort where you can have a lot of fun
  • the investment location where the prices of properties soar

But do you know that Bansko will:

  • soon have more than 100 km of ski runs
  • significantly develop and enlarge the infrastructure in the region of Bulgaria
  • become one of the most attractive golf locations in Europe


Eagle Rock offers premium furnishing packages for every of the 8 types of suits

For a more detailed information check the type of the apartment or the studio for sale you are interested in. Along with some interior pictures you will find a complete list what includes the furnishing package.


  • Eagle Rock is a complex offering a wide range of facilities necessary to relax comletely. At the same time, the recreational and leisure areas are efficiently positioned on Level-1 and Level-2. This architecture approach has two basic advantages:
  • Comfort – the covered connection between the building and the recreation center ensures the comfort of movement in your towel, from the SPA center or the gym, without being bothered by other tourists or by any threat of catching cold.
  • Efficiency – the positioning of the recreational areas provides Eagle Rock with the opportunity every apartment to have a magnificent view to two mountains – Pirin and Rila.
  • Eagle Rock also offers the following facilities:
    • Spa centre
    • Swimming pool
    • Lobby bar
    • Beauty parlour
    • Fitness Centre
    • Gourmet restaurant

About Bansko

The Bulgarian town of Bansko is situated near the river Glazane (western feeder of Mesta River) in the north-eastern foot of Pirin, directly below the highest and most beautiful part of the mountain. Its name comes from the old Bulgarian word “ban”, which means “master”. It is just 160 kilometres from Sofia and 6 kilometres from Razlog. Bansko has developed into a favourite ski resort & snowboard destination, thanks to the excellent ski facilities combined with the unique architecture and historical significance.

The ski pistes are located in two main ski resort centres - CHALIN VALOG (1,100-1,600 metres) and SHILIGARNIKA (1,700-2,500 metres). They are approximately 10 kilometers above the town on the northern slopes of Pirin, and are easily accessible, being approx. 25 minutes on the new Gondola lift which starts from Bansko. The total length of the marked pistes is 65 kilometres.

Bulgarian Property Bansko Property
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